The Cesc is still good

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He’s still here isn’t he? Despite all those years of media muppet-ery (muppetiness?) he’s still here.And he’s still our captain fabtastic.That’s all that counts for me.

Cesc joined Arsenal from Barcelona at the age of 16 and has recently turned 23.In those 7 years he’s Played almost 300 games and scored almost 50 goals.Probably has 75 odd assists to his name as well.He’s reached numerous semi finals and a few finals as well, the most promising being the Carling Cup against the chavs and the Champions League final at Paris against You-Know-Who. But what has he won?
I concede that apart from the Emirates Cup he’s not got a lot of silverware to show for his efforts,but then,has he not won the chance to showcase his talent to the world?If he were at Barcelona all this while I’d think he’d still be a hot prospect in the shadow of Xavi and Iniesta.At Arsenal he’s our beloved and revered Captain and has become arguably the world’s best young central midfielder.
Arsenal owe a lot to Cesc,and Cesc owes a lot to Arsenal.His 7 years of service to the club have been excellent and we can but hope there are a few years left of his breath-taking play in an Arsenal shirt.

I’m not entirely convinced that he’ll go,they’ve just spent £34m on David Villa and that takes their debt to over £300m. Where the money would come from for a deal of this magnitude is a big question.He might want to leave,and they may well want him,but if they can’t cough up the green stuff then his ‘DNA’ isn’t going to help much is it? A player exchange deal might work but I’d rather keep our Captain than get in someone who is unproven in the more physical English league.The best players from other leagues have failed to make their mark here and there’s no guarantee that a player who is a promising player in Spain would do just as well here.
I trust Arsene to make the right decisions.


Barcelona-‘more than a football club’?Yes,I can think of a few other names for them right now.


Lucky Me

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Just my luck.
When I started this blog I was 1 day into an interlull,and now when I restart it,it’s 1 week into the season break.Pfffttt.

It’s hard to blog when you have little or no interesting content.Cesc to Barca stories have become the mainstay of the media and I sincerely hope Laporta and all those other Barca prez-candidates would shut up.Even if they will,their media puppies spread the shit.
In other transfers related news we were linked to Neverton’s Jagielka, and although I think he could become an important player for us,he’s already important-ish at Neverton and I think the transfer fee could be quite exhorbitant.Plus he’s not a Wenger-esque signing enough,if you know what I mean…
England won the t20 World Cup last night then, congratulations to the lads for that,well played as well.First ever world cup just before a football world cup? Hmmmm ominous.Or not.

You know there’s nothing to write about when I talk cricket. *sigh*
I think I’ll do a player profile/team of the season tomorrow,unless something worth mentioning happens.
Suggestions welcome,ofcourse!

Back Without a Bang

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Right, so I’m back.

Cue tumbleweed applause.

Ok so whats happened in the last 2 months then?We got the Champions League-FA cup-Premier League treble?No?Okay..

But seriously, at the beginning of the season if anyone had told me we would be serious title contenders in mid Feb I wouldnt believe him.Third place was the best I thought we could hope for, and only a series of goalkeeping errors,injuries unfortunate events ensured that St.Totteringham’s Day came as late as it did.


Moving onto more recent news, there were reports that Cesc was considering his future at the club seriously and would like to move to Barcelona before the World Cup.Now my only insights into Cesc’s brain come via his interviews and comments, and his sister on twitter.From what Ive read from those sources Im not too worried.

Reports have also suggested that Eduardo and Carlos Vela might be out of the club and I personally think maybe it’s time to cut our losses with Eduardo,he’s done well for us(10 goals in his first 18apps… but 11 goals in his next 51) but when you hesitate before going into every tackle then England probably isn’t the best place for you.
Vela on the other hand I still think can become a good LW/CAM for us- he has the class and the pace but the lack of drive has been worrying.I’d like to see him get a proper run in the first team before passing judgement.
The arrival of Chamakh will surely mean the end of the Arsenal careers of atleast one of the two above, and the fact that vela has been getting games in the last few before him would indicate that it’s eduardo I think.Plus I don’t think Eduardo is at a point in his career yet where he can afford to spend the season starting from the bench.

Wenger confirmed that he was interested in strengthening our defence after we conceeded 41 league goals last season and I think that comes as a relief to all of us.Surely that leaky defence improvement plan will include a keeper worthy of the name.

Nice to be back and yeah yeah I feel like a new signing and all that.

Cya later.
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Sorry for the vanishing act

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ah been really busy. sorry. just posted right now so wordpress cant get rid of the blog. be back in mid/late may.

see you then 🙂

The Calm(ish) after the Storm

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Hello, so there was a game at the Emirates last night, unfortunately it was between Brazil and Ireland and I’m fairly sure nothing interesting happened, apart from us welcoming Gilberto back, he was good wasn’t he, and I reckon he’d probably be more useful to us than Denilson at the minute but I gonna get into that because I refuse to be negative!! We also welcomed back the Beast, not quite as much as we did Gilberto but then he didn’t do as much for the club as Gilberto did he, I know he scored 4 in the 6-3 win at Anfield but not a lot else springs to mind. So the mini interlull continues, Arseblog is very good if you haven’t seen/read it yet, with England playing later today in a ridiculously important game against Eygpt I’m sure Fergie will be completely happy to let Rooney play the full 90 minutes. Much like Wenger was happy to let RVP play against Italy in that hugely important game, oh wait, maybe not.

Good to see Mock the Week getting in on the Cashley abuse, ‘And now we move onto a new round called, Oh look Ashley Coles sent me a picture of his mock’. I know it was a repeat but still I’m glad it’s being shown :).

The fall out from the tackle continues with Ivan Gazidis saying ‘ It was devastating for all of us. I feel a little bit of the heart has been ripped out of the club. The best thing we can do for him is win a trophy this season.’ Absolutely sir can’t wait till the end of the season with that kind of talk. We’ll see what happens on Saturday, personally I reckon we’ll spank Burnley, and that will continue the catalyst and really give the players the belief and confidence to go on and win the league.

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All the best to Aaron and COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!

Back in it, but at a Cost

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Hi all, you know i’ve been racking my brain since Saturday trying to put it all into words. 3 points away to Stoke is no mean feat, especially with the extra pressure of playing late and already knowing that Chelsea lost :), plus knowing Manure weren’t playing a league game it must have given the team an extra incentive to really stand up and be counted in this title challenge. Also considering it was one of the more difficult of the games we’ve got left to play, along with the scum and Money City, 3 points is excellent.

I don’t really want to go into the what ifs in terms of would we still have won if the tackle hadn’t happened, I thought we looked a little flat to be honest, but there’s no doubt in my eyes that the tackle really got our players tails up. For me though, the main difference and the key reason why we are going to win the league this year, was in the form of two/three players, firstly our outstanding captain who almost single-handedly dragged us across the line for the win. Cesc was truly amazing, he recovered and got back into the game the fastest, leading by example, check, scored a wonderful penalty, check, and even gave some back to one of the Stokies (where he should have been booked, he was late and came in from behind but whatever) and then gave Pulis the *sshhhhh*, check. The other players who pushed us over the line were the Verminator, my god he’s living up to that nickname isn’t he?! and Super Sol, in those 5 or so minutes after the tackle where nobody really wanted the ball and wasn’t sure what to do Sol and TV were uber solid at the back, with every Stoke attack you could see in the faces, ‘you aren’t f*****g scoring against us’. And with that solidity at the back we had a firm enough footing to push on and take the game to Stoke, sure they were a man down but so were we, unfortunately quite literally.


So, the tackle, it was reckless, stupid, unnecessary and bloody immature. He lost the ball on the half way line because he’s got such a poor touch so he lunged in in anger. Doesn’t sound to bad just reading it like that but I’m sure you’ve all seen it and well, it’s a terrible tackle, I’ve heard/read loads of *pundits* (and I use that term loosely) saying it wasn’t that bad a tackle, it wasn’t two footed, it wasn’t from behind, it wasn’t blah blah blah, see you next Tuesdays all of them. Rory bloody Delap said the ref shouldn’t have sent Shawcross off and only did send him of because of the injury! Now just imagine for a second that you were in Ramseys shoes, lying there leg in pieces, not to mention possibly his career, and the bloke who did that to you doesn’t even get sent off!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a better example of adding insult to injury!!
I’ve also has enough of the, he isn’t that kind of player, rubbish, there’s proof all over the show that he his, his challenge on barn door last season when he wasn’t even on the pitch and what he did to our beloved franny jeffers, it’s all adding up to prove that these, he isn’t that kind of player, pundits (once again very loosely) are complete morons. I think what they are trying to say is, he’s not that kind of bloke, but you can’t deny he is this kind of player, rash, heavy footed and handed, all or nothing, commited and can’t tackle to save his life. I liked Stoke, they beat us fair and square at the Britannia the last couple of times we played them there but it’s obvious Pulis has said something on the lines off, arsenal don’t like it up ’em, and so is influencing the way they play against us negatively, come out and play against like you play every game! Try to win fair and square as I already mentioned, play some football and enjoy it. Sure you could get embaressed but then you just put your hands up and say, well, they were better than us. My god my 5-a-side team have recently just been battered 15-2, 10-3 and 9-2, we were well and truly embaressed but none of us went in like Shawcross did, I know it’s not the same, it’s not just a game to them it’s there career and all that but they’ve still got to get there priorities right.
I wish the Arsenal played in Spain, when was the last time a tackle like that happened in la liga?! They don’t allow it full stop, it’s a far more technical game than in England where we play some sort of primitive caveman football, throw ball in box, kick ball high, head ball, it’s ridiculous. Things need to change but whilst we’ve still got those folks in the FA and FIFA doing there thing, does anyone need an iPod by the way :), it isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Anyway I’ll shut up and let you good people get on with your day, remember all comments are welcome, don’t like it tell us why :). See you soonish :).
Come on Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stoke Poke+Delaps secret training sessions

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I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.Delap must be stopped.I’ve resorted to hiring a set of ‘nice and friendly’ blokes who’ll do my bidding and take care of the Potters’ main man Rory.

I report to you thus:

A.First I had them cover Pulis’ training sessions with him.His exclusive and secret one-on-one sessions.

While all players have warming up and stretching as part of their exercise,Rorys session seems to solely consist of the same. After a quick jog around the D his fitness training is done, and he moves onto the core position work.

Tony Pull-his

B.Mission Make-or-Break

A trained negotiator proceeded to have a quick word with Rory.Now, I wasn’t there but I expect the conversation to have gone along the lines of,
Negotiator:”You will have to withdraw from the squad against The Arsenal.”
RD:”Says who?!”
Negotiator:”Says the 9mm in my pocket.”
RD:” Stoke have my life insured for £500K and my arms insured for £20m. Do your worst.”
*Long pause*
Negotiator:” What about your legs?”
RD:”….dunno…nothing I think….oh shit NO! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?

C.The Saga Continues…

No escaping the long arm of Delap.


The news from Arséne is rather expected. Eduardo should return to the squad with a spot on the bench but Diaby,Gallas,Arshavin are still out.

I’d have a midfield of Cesc,Song and Nasri and Eboue,Bendtner,Rosicky up top and tell them to get stuck in and make sure the systematic fouling of the captain is contained to an extent atleast.Nasri and Rosicky have never been the back down from a tussle sort so shouldn’t be too much to ask for from them.
Three points a must today and hopefully chelski drop theirs against Citeh and Bridge gives John Slippy a good one where it hurts.
With Unitit playing Villa in the Youth Cup Carling Cup Final tomorrow,our winning today and chelski losing would have us within 3points of the leaders and 2 of unitit.
Shrek and Frogba injured would be asking for too much I think,but I’ll take what I can get.

In related news Clichy says we’ve been training to prepare for delap and should handle him alright

Arsene has a poke at the time it takes to keep Rorys balls dry.

Off the pitch, Arsenal’s charity bet of the weekend is Theo Walcott will score today which surprises me a little but you never know- the clayheads DID have 120mins against Citeh and Walcott cutting through the defense like a hot knife through butter has me ‘tingling’ with anticipation all over.

The clubs also put up the mid-term financial report which you can read about here. The irony of our clearing up over £140m of our earlier £332.8m debt in under a year being reported on the same day as Pompey going into administration is almost cruel,if your a Pompey fan.

That’s all for now, perhaps redterror04 will post a post-match post later, post the match probably.But that’s upto him.

Also, Happy Birthday to Arseblog from us at I Did Not See It.Cheers for all your great blog posts and arsecasts over the years.


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